The four pillars of netLex’s organizational culture

When we talk about culture, we are referring to a set of norms, beliefs, values, experiences and behaviors that are shared by a group of people. And when we look at the organizational context, it is possible to say that culture is what “sets the tone” for a company, differentiating it from others, making it unique.

Organizational culture is formed by a few essential elements that help translate into practice the path the company wants to follow. These elements are the business’ mission and values.
In addition, there are culture rites, which are activities and processes whose goal is to propagate and strengthen the culture, ensuring that everyone experiences it in their daily work.

Structuring netLex’ organizational culture

At netLex we have the mission to “make agreements simple and secure”. That is our purpose. We want to simplify the work of everyone who deals with documents and contracts, so that their routines can be more fluid, all the while ensuring the processe’s safety.

Everything we do, our entire strategy, and every decision we make takes into consideration our mission, and all areas of the company work together to make this possible.

On the other hand, our values are our guides on how we should behave on a daily basis and how to act in the face of challenges. They are: Customer Success, Cooperation, Self-management and Excellence. Let me explain each of them in more detail:

  • Customer Success: our customer’s success is our success. We are partners with all of them and we are proud of their accomplishments. We work daily to deliver maximum value through our product and through our interactions.
  • Cooperation: the company is made of people, and everyone of them needs to row in the same direction, towards the same goal. This harmony is only achieved through trust, respect, equality and a lot of teamwork!
  • Self-management: We believe in horizontal and transparent relationships. We encourage autonomy, self-management and decision-making at all levels. We truly trust each person on our team and cherish an environment free from unnecessary bureaucracy and vertical hierarchical arrangements.
  • Excellence: We seek to do the best and to always innovate. We like to ground our reasoning in fundamental principles, not in analogies. We are committed to the quality of our deliveries and to the effectiveness of our solutions.

To facilitate the interpretation of each of these values, they are broken down into behaviors - according to the seniority of the employees - all of which are presented on the first day of the netLeco’s onboarding process. Hence, we guarantee cultural alignment from day 1.

As a way of ensuring that these values are always present in our routine, we have established culture rites. The objective of these activities is to ensure the constant exchange of feedback, the integration between the team’s members, the sharing of knowledge, the exchange of learning opportunities and the alignment of information. In addition, we have a Culture Committee that is responsible for ensuring that all netLecos know, experience, identify themselves with and propagate our culture.

We are proud of our strong organizational culture that conveys who we are and who we want to be. We believe that it is the link that keeps our team together and moving forward. That is why we nurse this culture with such affection.

*Amanda Mufatto is a Business Partner and leader of netLex’s People Team.